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Sparkle 2019
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Sparkle 2019

Classic dry white bubbly!

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Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A classic, crisp, and dry sparkling wine with aromas of fresh flowers and Asian pear and flavors of lemon and green apple.
Production Notes
Traditional European methods were used to create this classic white sparkling wine, including harvesting the grapes early in the season to ensure delicate fruit flavors and refreshing acidity.
Winemaker Notes
This sparkling white wine was yeast fermented a second time inside the bottle for natural carbonation. Bottles were sealed with stainless steel bottle caps to ferment and age for 9 months. Each bottle was then riddled and disgorged to remove the yeast sediment, and then quickly resealed with a cork and wirehood to maintain the wine's naturally produced long-lasting bubbles.
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